Pizza van de week (Tomatensaus,Mozzarella, mozzarella, aubergine , ham, ei !!) € 12,50


The philosophy of our cuisine is high quality and daily fresh supply of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.
All wines, cheeses, pastas etc. are imported directly from Italy.
Our pizzas are prepared with fresh mozzarella, and our Italian bread is baked every day by ourselves.
Our menu also offers a wide choice of authentic dishes.
Our wine-card is arranged with much care, and consists of good and affordable wines. We want to let people enjoy what the Italian cuisine can conjure, from what the Italian vineyards can produce, to let experience the true Italian hospitality.
We consider it a privilege to spoil our guests evening after evening with great culinary dishes and to see their smiling faces. Maybe you think with the words ' Italian restaurant ' directly to pizza and pasta, but we will like to convince you that our kitchen produces so many other tasty specialities.
(eat and drink with relish!).